Tenggol Island is another beautiful diving getaway island just 45 minutes from the coastal jetty in Kuala Dungun. It size is approximately 3km in length and 2km in width. However, this has not prevented it from becoming a paradise for many people especially diving enthusiasts.The sandy beach blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Further inland are forested rocky hills that make it a scenic destination for adventure seekers. The hills rising over 800ft offer a panoramic view of the island. This rocky terrain extends from the interior of the island to the ocean and has created a dramatic ideal hideaway for marine life.

For example in Teluk Air Tawar there is a large spread of sloping reef on the rocky wall, whereas Rajawali Reef, with vertical rocky walls which fall as deep as 32m, is home to corals and other marine life like batfish and black tip reef sharks. Besides calm coral gardens, you could also chance upon humphead parrotfish, giant stingray, bat fishes, whale sharks, leopard sharks, schooling jacks and others in the diving spots around Tenggol. Whale sharks are seen in certain areas from August to October every year......Readmore
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Hello, I am Zol, your host.Diving is my main passion and i have always wanted to own my own diving site. Tenggol Island is my dream come true when i was offered to operate a diving center on this Island.Compared to other diving sites i have been to
Tenggol Island
From a far the island resembles a person perching, so stood the name 'Tenggol'. 'Tenggak' in Bahasa Malaysia means 'to perch' but is pronounced as 'tenggol' in Terengganu's local dialect. For many, many years this deserted island ......
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Divers will be able to choose their type of diving, ranging from the relaxing to the more demanding sites. For the more experienced divers, who prefer to get their adrenaline pumping, can opt for the more ......